Fabric That Speaks without Saying Words

Fabrics say a lot without saying anything. Your choice, color of the garment and the way you carry yourself reflects who you actually are. The fun part is that garments don’t have tongue but they speak louder than words. It is very important to choose wisely as your personality is directly reflected by what you are wearing. People think that it is not possible but in reality it is a fact. Your first impression last long and first impression is not only how you walk or you talk but also what you are wearing and how you are caring yourself.

How Fabrics Reflect Our Personality

Fabric represent our personality as:

  1. A responsible person will always be responsible and fully aware of everything along with what he/she is wearing. Is it suitable according to the area where they are going and they dress keeping all these factors in mind along with the weather conditions?
  2. A careless person really does not care what is happening around his world. They will wear whatever is available and in front of them. Occasion and place where they are going have no importance in their eye. Weather conditions may affect them but they hardly care about anything.
  3. A person who is responsible but does not have a good sense of clothing can also be identified easily. He/she would be wearing neat and proper clothes but they are not according to that specific function or occasion in which they are present. Just like wearing some formal functional wear in an official meeting.

Most of the readers would be surprised by these facts but the reality is that these types of people do exist.

How Fabrics Speak

This does not mean that clothes are speaking literally and they have a mouth or a tongue. This means clothes reflect who we are before we speak or say anything. You should always be well aware and well informed about our surroundings not only in news, society or gatherings but also in regard to our wardrobe. Fashion trends and styles also change with the duration of time and one should know about it also. As our second skin is as important as our food and other basic necessities of life.

Fabric Speaks, Does It Matter?

Of course it is an important aspect of our personality, clothing matters and it is important and we should understand this fact as soon as we can. Another aspect is you dress up not for anyone but for your own internal satisfaction and personality. If someone is inspired or impressed from your good dress sense that is always a positive sign, no need to be worried about that.  Clothes reflect who you are so it’s always important to be natural yet stylish and well aware of all the trends.

Clothing Size and Fit

Your size along with style is also an important element in your dress. You are fully dressed but that outfit is not of your size will not look good. Instead you can become a reason for gossip of others. Exact fit and styling of your garment is essential. When purchasing any garment make sure you try it in the trail room for the size. The exact size is not too tight that your outfit stitches start to stretch and cause holes in dress nor should be so loose that it seems like you have borrowed someone’s clothes.

Clothing Style and Comfort

Accessories vary from men to women and they can completely change the look of the dress. Along with clothing accessories, shoes, watches, hats or scarves all matter for our outlook. There are multiple ways that can bring an instant change to improvise your style.

Adopt a Formal Look

For creating or adopting a formal look dark colors are preferred more, colors like black and grey along with dark blues can be used. There should be no accessories except a watch or delicate jewelry can be preferred for women’s.

Adopt a Casual Look

It’s very easy to adopt a casual look, you don’t have to worry about color, pattern, size while maintain a casual look. You can wear anything which is comfortable.


Clothing is an important aspect of our life. We cannot ignore it. It’s better to choose and purchase those garments which suits your personality along with comfort and being aware of the latest fashion trends.

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