Magic Ways to Refresh Your Dressing Table


Refresh dressing table is one of the compulsory things one should have in a bedroom. Dressing Table Makeover does not matter if you are a guy or a girl, married or bachelor, your room must have a dressing table. A dressing table provides a space to arrange the things we use daily, and a mirror is also an important element to see yourself after getting ready. Of course, no one wants to look bad, and the mirror provides a chance to see through yourself before going anywhere. It is equally important to refresh and arrange your dressing table every time you use it.

Some Ways to Refresh Your Dressing Table


One of the common mistakes most of us make is that we never discard the bottles or sprays which are empty. The things placed are empty but still placed on dressing, making the dressing table look extra loaded. The moment any bottle is empty, discard it at that time.

Arranging properly:

Make sure that you arrange and place things in order. Put things that are the same in the same place. Don’t create a mess by placing everything separately. Arrange all perfumes or nail paints together on one side of the dressing and then move to the next thing.

Effective use of the drawers:

The things which are not used regularly should be placed inside the dressing drawer. Different separates or small boxes are generally available in the market. Use them to arrange the cosmetics and different things and make effective use of the space available.

Material and color of dressing table:

If you think you don’t like your dressing color anymore and you need a change in your dressing, don’t just run to purchase a new one. Try to recreate and refresh it on your own abilities as you can repaint it. If the surface is no better, replace the surface, not the storage spaces.

Adding more lights: 

LED lights can be added around the dressing to make it a good light source and a refreshed look to your dressing table.

Space and products:

Make sure to purchase, set or use the things which you use daily. Don’t purchase anything which you don’t use. This will cause the dressing table to look overloaded.


  1. You can have a totally new look at the dressing table.
  2. More effective storage.
  3. Your things are sorted in a better way.
  4. Empty bottles are discarded and provide some space.
  5. Struggle to find something is over.
  6. Most used items are in front of you and there is no need to find it.
  7. Daily struggle is finished if you place the same after using as well.

Change is Good for You

There is no disadvantage to refreshing your dressing table. It’s always good to recreate a new look or rearrange your things. Change is always good and gives a good feeling and sense of accomplishment when you do something properly. Not only the dressing table but everything after achieving it seems good and easier than before.


It is the nature of human beings that change is always admired, appreciated, and attracts more. So it’s always good to change and refresh things after a certain period of time. This will give you a good feeling, and your things will be rearranged, so technically, it provides you two or more benefits if you keep this as a practice, like after every six months or a maximum of once a year.

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