Providing the Tips for Dressing up Everyday

Providing the Best Version of You in Clothing

Tips for Dressing can help you to develop your fashion sense as clothing reflects who we are. It plays the role of our second skin. Everyone can see what we are wearing so it is very much a part of us. What we wear shows our choice and taste towards our personality as well as to our taste in clothing and what type of person we are can also be judged by our clothing. So it is important to choose and select clothes wisely as they directly indicate what type of personality we have.

You’re Closet

Closet plays an important role in our dressing as you all know this fact. We all have biases and that come in the case of clothing as well. If you like one color you will have multiple outfits of that color that is your bias towards that color. Your comfort zone, the fabric you are comfortable in will be preferred more. For example if someone is comfortable wearing cotton fabrics it’s a rare chance that silk fabric would be ever worn. So closet should be designed considering comfort is the top priority but adding variety in colors is also important.

Clothing and Colors

You always have a favorite color over the others and that is totally understandable. Considering black as your favorite color and having all the dresses of black color does not make sense at all. Styles vary the same way colors should too. Make sure that you have at least one garment of each color. You will not know what color suits you until you try. Always be a little open when it comes to clothing.

Formal and Casuals

You all are aware of the formal and casuals and it could help you in guiding regarding outfit tips. Casuals sometimes due to heavy work on them are not very comfortable but once a while it is perfectly fine to wear a casual when it is needed. Don’t go after comfort and wear a loose shirt and pajamas on a wedding. Dressing sense is also a core key which should be applied. To be aware of what to wear is a must. Knowing the difference and wearing what is required for the specific function is very important. One can’t wear a formal dress at an official meeting.

Priorities in Clothing

All of us have different priorities towards clothing as you all have different choices that also vary from person to person. Buying the best what you think suits you and is comfortable is all you need to worry about. It really does not matter what your friends say. You can’t wear anything just because someone said it suits you and you are totally uncomfortable in it. Keep your choice and comfort the priority when it comes to your personal clothing. Do give an opinion if someone is asking for it, but what will suit you or your comfort level are the things which only you need to make sure of.


Your wardrobe and styles vary according to your profession as well. Closet of a student and a manager will never be the same. Keeping your profession in mind while shopping is another important factor one should be aware of. Always be sensible in shopping and consider some important facts in your mind while shopping like your profession, age group, choices and comfort level.


Not a lot but still age do have some role when it comes to clothing. Choices always change with time. Its fine to like bright colors to a certain age or certain function but you cannot wear a bright maroon colored formal dress when you are 60 plus in age. It will not suit your age. Everyone can wear any color but still there are some norms set in the society which we all follow and should be dressed up accordingly.


Clothes reflect our personality and if we design or wear clothes keeping in mind the above mentioned steps. I think it will help you a lot to make sure of what you are wearing, where and when. What you wear is what you think, it reflects your thinking so be sure and confident when making a choice for clothing. Pick wisely as second skin is been observed and noted by people in your surrounding as well.

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