Tags Don’t Matter But Comfort Do

The most noticed and important thing in a garment is its comfort. You should never compromise on the quality and comfort of the garment. Color, style, tags all these are secondary things comfort comes first. Sometimes we like a garment and the material is comfortable, size is perfect, color is our favorite and there is no valid reason for not buying that garment but the only issue is we don’t know much about how to handle the garment for washing and ironing. Tags are basically attached to garments to inform the buyer about every detail of the garment so that they are fully aware of the garment.

What Can Be Found On the Tags?

Labels give us a lot of information about the garment. How to handle them? How to wash them? Different care instructions, garment size, brand name and all these things should be in knowledge of the consumer before purchasing it. If there are no labels the customers would never be aware of the garment details and handling. Being well informed is also important and in garments labels keep you well informed.

Why Are Tags Important?

Tags are important as they keep us well informed about the details and specifications a garment holds. Although comfort is the top priority, tags also have an important role to play. They keep the customer well informed about what he/she is purchasing, what are the specifications, what is the size and washing care. These things may sound small but they are not because garment handling can either save the garment or totally destroy it and then it will be of no use.

What If There Are No Tags?

Just assume that you have purchased a garment and you like it a lot when you have worn it in the trail room it fits on you and you got it. Internally you are happy and satisfied that you have purchased something which you like. Now the dangerous part is that you have no idea how to handle the garment? All excitement, satisfaction is washed in a second. Or what if you have washed it like any other garment but it only required dry cleaning what will you do? That garment is no more of your use. You wasted not only money but your time and effort to. That’s why it is important to be informed.

Are Hand Tags Important?

The importance of hand tags totally depends on the manufacturers. Sometimes they do it just to publicize that they have created this garment with some basic information like brand logo, price and size of that garment. It completely makes sense. If they have put in the effort they want people to recognize them through their brand. Logo sometimes plays an important role in brand identification also. 

Materials Used For Making a Tag

Tags are made up of different materials including Taffeta, Satin and cotton. Each of these materials has its own appearance and quality. Therefore it is important that whatever company or brand is using the label should be fully aware of what sort of label they are using and is it skin friendly or not, because no one wants to disappoint the customer. And labels are also important to keep the customer well informed about every minute detail of the garment. 


Comfort is the top priority of every outlet working on making the garment. They work for this and are aware that comfort is the key to their sale. If the customer will be comfortable only then their product would be sold. Label is important after comfort because the producers want to make sure that the person purchasing the garment should be aware of all the details about garment handling. How to wash it, use it, iron it. All these details are attached to the garments. It’s obvious that when you purchase it, wear it, wash it and iron it. That’s why labels help us to stay well informed which saves our money, time and effort once we are aware we will handle the garment carefully. Our second skin is equally important as our skin so we should take care of the second skin as well.

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