Top 5 Websites for Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan is increasing day by day, in fact not only in Pakistan but this trend is increasing globally. The world is changing and so are people. Rather than going out and purchasing or doing in person shopping people now prefer online shopping. Technology has played an important role in this transformation. All this change is due to technology and advancement made in the world over a span of time.

Top 5 websites:

Different platforms and sites have been created over a period of time for online shopping. The top 5 websites for online shopping include:

Brandz Hub:

It is one of the 5 top sites used for online shopping. The gist of this site is clothing but accessories like belts, bags and wallets are also available. It provides you with the high quality of garments and economical price which is pocket friendly and majority can afford easily. Brandz hub believes in quality not quantity so they make it easy for the customer to have high quality in affordable prices and easy delivery at your doorstep. Brandz hub not only provides you with female clothing but they also have a collection of male garments and their kids range is also available for online shopping.

Daraz: is one of the most used site for online shopping. It not only provides you with garments or accessories but it covers everything one can think of. From crockery to electronics, clothes to bed covers, toys to home decor. Everything is easily available on daraz. Not only this, the delivery is done in a short period of time after the order is placed. The packaging of the parcel is so safe that there is no chance of breakage. The prices vary from thing to thing but overall the prices are a bit cheaper than the regular market. Additionally, the product is defined and explained so well in the description that it helps the customer to decide.

Ali express:

Ali express also covers a wide range of products on a wide range with good prices and vast variety. Ali express is one of the developing platform it is used but not as much as daraz is used. The quality of products is really good. The description helps to understand and get to know more about the product. The delivery of the product is done between 3-4 working days which is quite good.

Home shopping:   

This site deals with home appliances as well as phones, laptops and technology based things along with their accessories. It does not cover everything but they have selected a specific line for their business and they only deal with the products mentioned already. The quality of the products is good but the area they deal is costly so the prices are not so cheap they are a little less than the market price but including delivery charges and everything it’s quite the same. The packaging is done in a very good manner which keeps the things protected and there is less chance of breaking anything.

Facebook/ Instagram online pages:

People have now started making Instagram and Facebook pages which is a good source not only for them but also for the consumers. It is easy for the consumer to negotiate the price as well as see the product not in picture but originally. You can always ask the seller for the exchange policy as you are directly dealing with the person who holds that business. Additionally, just like a cherry on the cake negotiations is like a cherry on the cake of shopping. The customer feels so good if the seller agrees with the price the consumer said. This kind of shopping nor only gives you satisfaction but also happiness and you feel like your time is invested in the right place.


Shopping is always fun no matter what. It really does not matter if it’s online or in     person shopping if you are shopaholic. Online shopping has made life easy without a doubt but some people are still not comfortable with online shopping they feel like doing shopping in person gives you more advantages. You can physically see and choose from the huge variety. Yet again this is all the personal preference. These websites are opened to make your life easy but if you are not interested it’s totally up to your personal preference.

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