You Are Unique Let Your Clothing Reflect

Clothing reflects not only your personality but it also shows your dress sense and choice. Clothing our second skin is as important as our first skin. Every individual has their own choices, likes and dislikes. It’s not compulsory that you like an outfit and your friend also likes your dress. You are unique in your own way and your clothing reflects that. It’s not compulsory that for being unique you need to make yourself uncomfortable, your comfort should be the top priority. Style and uniqueness can come along if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not comfortable you will not be able to handle anything along

Your Style Depending Factors

Everyone is different from others. Your style totally depends on your choice and what your preferences are when it comes to clothing. You are unique in that way because your choice differs from others. In this way we all are unique in our own surroundings. Your clothes reflect your personality and it’s important to pay attention to your clothing and outlook. Not only professionally but on a daily basis as well. You never know if someone is following your style secretly.

Contextual Style Type

This style is normally inspired by many day to day factors which happen in current time. This may include our lifestyle, budget, comfort level, current fashion trends. It’s not always compulsory to follow this type of style and it does not show your personality in regard to clothing but focuses on the realistic factors which can have a great impact on our clothing choice. It’s always better to style your clothing beyond contextual style but keeping in mind the factors that can have a great impact on your style. Do not limit yourself in one style. Your preference should be carrying new styles along with keeping your comfort.

Developed Style Type

Developed style is very much fixed and settled for most people. Influenced from culture, our education and style choices. It is about culture, different backgrounds, education, area where you live, employment and many other factors which determine your actions, style, thinking and approach along with attitude when it comes to your personal style or clothing.

Core Style Type

You are born with core style type. It is your style which is built in you from the time you are born. Core style gives you confidence for who you are and the way you are different or unique. It allows you to create a closet according to your clothing taste. It allows you to make rational decisions for your wardrobe and make style choices for yourself according to your own desire. This style type is a connection between you and the inner you. Your choice matters especially when it comes to your own wardrobe

Dressing Style According to Your Personality

The more you get into something the more you understand about that. Same happens with clothing and style. The more you try the more you get to know. The key to accomplish different styles is never bound or restrict yourself to anything. Keep on trying different styles and then make a choice and choose what suits you best keeping your comfort in mind. Styling is easy but being comfortable along with style is not easy and your preference should be comfort with style. No one knows what will suit you or how you will look or style a garment, it purely depends on one person and that is you. So, choose wisely.

Skin Types with Style

Not only our choices but our skin type also differ from each other. When buying or setting your closet you should be fully aware of what your skin type is and which fabric suits your fabric. Not all fabrics are skin friendly; they can lead you towards rashes and skin problems as well. One example is that a person having dry skin should never go for silk fabric because silk gets attached to the skin and it D-shapes all the garment style along with the fall and it looks wired along with uncomfortable. Your style is not maintained in wearing a silk garment on dry skin


Clothing is a very important aspect of our life; it is one of the basic necessities of our lives. Maintaining your style through clothing totally depends on you. One should be smart enough to make good choices for wardrobe. Your dress reflects your personality so make sure that it reflects a good image of you in front of others along with your self-satisfaction and comfort.

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